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Damselfly Solutions Inc. is dedicated to providing quality, business solution based applications designed and developed to effectively solve your unique business issues.

Services that we provide:

Application design, Database design, prototyping and development and consulting in the following areas: We develop applications that are installed on laptops, desktops or Mac computers (using the Windows interface) that access local or cloud based databases. Automatic installations take care of the installation and setup tasks. These applications would be the typical “purchased license” type of application that users would purchase and install a copy of on their own computer. We can build your application that will be sold around the world to 1,000s of users or we can assist your company in developing a specific, “one off” solution that will meet your exact specifications.

Cloud Computing  / Web Applications:

We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing cloud based software solutions that are infinitely scalable and globally deployable. Typically these applications would be licensed as SaaS (Software as a Service) where the owner of the software would provide “subscriptions” to use the software that resides “in the cloud”. We have successfully deployed solutions globally and include language support where necessary.

Inductive Automation Integrator:

Damselfly Solutions is Certified Integrator of Ignition software by Inductive Automation. Ignition is an industrial application server, used to create systems that cover the full spectrum between HMI, SCADA and MES. This development environment is ideally suited to the Manufacturing Sector and is used extensively to collect and control shop floor data. User interfaces allows machine operators to view real time schedules, quality controls and recipe management and selection.

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Simple to complex Websites:

We have several different development “toolsets” and areas of expertise to create a website that meets your specific needs. Many of our clients only need simple websites that provide a cost effective presence on the web. Other clients need dynamic sites that need to be updated easily and on a regular basis. We can help you determine your needs, what solution fits you requirements and cost effectively build and publish your website. Mobile device optimization is critical to success in today’s environment…. And we can help!


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