Who We Are

Damselfly Solutions

We are an Information Technology Solution company that brings innovation and experience to create customized solutions to meet your demanding business needs. The management and design team have over 97 years combined experience in analyzing, developing and implementing cost effective, robust and reliable solutions that meet today’s aggressive payback requirements while leading business information needs into the future.

We have in depth knowledge and experience in Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for manufacturing facilities, Bar-coding and traceability solutions for large and small businesses. We have experience in implementing enterprise wide WEB reporting tools including management dashboards to enable management, supervisors and laborers to maximize product flow, machine utilization and resource utilization.

We also have extensive experience in application development for wireless data collection systems including Microsoft Pocket PC solutions with installations at several manufacturing sites. In addition we are developing Web enabled applications for the consumer market.

Damselfly Solutions Inc. will work with you to understand your needs, analyze your situation and provide easily understood recommendations for you to choose from. Once you select the option that best meets your needs, we will develop reliable, easy to use, integrated solutions and provide long term support from a team dedicated to excellence.

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