Whats in a Name


The answer: Lots!

We have had many clients, colleges, competitors, friends and family ask us: "What does your name mean and how did you come up with it?" When the original team that makes up Damselfly Solutions Inc. first decided to form the company, we needed a name. One of the thoughts we had about names was that names should have specific meaning or "intuitive" meaning. We thought about names like "Enterprise Solution Development", "ADI Solutions - (Analysis Development & Implementation)" and other variations. All of these names were going to tell our customers what services we provide or what we could do for them. All of them were either used, over used, already taken or just plain BORING! So, how did we come up with our name? Well, that goes back to the first day that we all went to inspect a potential office location. The location and office really worked for us, it was just what we needed and we really felt positive about it! Then just as we decided that we would take it, we saw a Dragonfly sitting on the window sill. One of the members said "Look... our new mascot!" That started a whole new thought process for our name... why not reflect the fact that we are unique... have a name that talks to our creativity, not what we can do. Taking it even further, almost everyone knows what a Dragonfly looks like but what about it's cousin the Damselfly? The Damselfly is usually smaller, more agile, has been around for 320 million years and evolves quickly to meet new challenges! These are just some of the qualities that we believe our company has to offer. We selected our name and it's been a great conversation starter and because of it's uniqueness it is easily remembered.

Here's a bit more details on our namesake:

The Damselfly has changed very little over millions of years. However, it is also a highly specialized creature, with large, compound eyes, a mobile head, and powerful jaws. The damselfly is small and agile as well as a strong flyer. These characteristics have enabled the common blue damselfly to thrive in its waterside habitat.

The common blue damselfly is in flight from early summer. The bright blue male is easy to spot, but the dull green female is harder to see and looks like a different species. It is easiest to tell a dragonfly and damselfly apart when they are at rest. A damselfly folds its wings down its back, while a dragonfly keeps its wings widespread. In summary:

Like the damselfly, we are a very versatile, agile company. We can adapt very quickly to your needs and provide you with custom solutions for your real world business management problems. Our team has over 97 years experience in analyzing, developing and implementing robust and reliable solutions that meet today's aggressive payback requirements, while leading business information needs into the future.

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